Monday, March 23, 2015

Kickstarter....and go!

Tonight, the plan is to launch the kickstarter.....  I hope that this vehicle will allow others in faraway places to enjoy Walkabout Town.  I am excited to see where this book journeys and look forward to reading stories of the reactions and responses it yields.
Today, I enjoyed my first author visit at a local school.  The kids were fantastic and asked great questions.  Seeing their enthusiasm sparked a joy within me, something akin to my first experiences as a brand new classroom teacher many moons ago.  I was reminded that we are all creators who long to share our masterpieces, no matter how small or large, with another soul.  What giddiness we feel when others gasp or marvel at the beauty they have extracted from our handiwork.  Yet when we pause and step back, there is a fuller picture that invites us to admire the surrounding beauty.  Our efforts are but a small thread of a much larger tapestry designed by many others who have gone before us....and ultimately, a master artist.
Beauty. Design. Wonder.  May the journey continue- here's to the next 30 days of sharing Walkabout with the world.  What beauty will you extract?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.....


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