Sunday, May 3, 2015

Author talks!

Last Thursday and Friday, I enjoyed spending time at Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center and Maplewood Richmond Heights Elementary.  I love the questions the kids ask.  Their natural curiosity yields some pretty amazing thoughts.  You can almost see the cogs turning.... Another of my favorite moments is when one of the students observes that I am wearing a pair of the shoes that are photographed on the front cover of my book.  (I purposely wear a pair when I visit schools just to see if anyone will notice..and they always do!)  Friday afternoon, I enjoyed reading an email from a parent who explained that his son had downloaded and listened to my song non-stop since he arrived home.  I was happy to hand-deliver a copy of my book to him this afternoon. I already have a couple of schools lined up for August and look forward to more fun moments, sharing Walkabout Town.

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